Friday, August 29, 2008

The Speech

First, a note to the GOP, who has to follow this convention with their own next week: Good luck with that!

For the first time, Obama took the fight to McCain. It was unexpected but still savvy, preempting McCain's inevitable attacks on his patriotism and lack of experience. I know the old addage about defense, but watching a good offense is a beautiful thing!

After my Invesco Field experience today, I have learned a few new truths: first, this country needs a Barack Obama. Whether you agree with his politics or not, the man has got something. People feel good about themselves at just the idea of him. They get energized about who they are and who they want to be. They want to catch a glimpse of him, touch him, get to know him. Many feel as though they do know him already, just because he seems so familiar. He has given people the permission they needed to start dreaming again. In response, many have awakened from a self-induced slumber caused by pain, defeat, sadness and fear of wanting what seems unobtainable. In him, they see all that they wish they could be, but never dared to try and become.

The second truth I've learned is that the country desperately needs this message of hope and change to be followed up by action. This campaign has gotten the most disenfranchised of our country's citizens involved; from the older folk, who have all but given up on ever being truly represented by the government; to the young, who have new eyes, and a spirit capable of taking on the world, but can easily be broken if let down by inaction, or "same as usual" politics. If that happens, the end result could be worse than if he ever existed at all.

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