Sunday, August 24, 2008

The "Mile High" city is really a mile high!

I'm out here in Denver at the DNC (that's Democratic National Committee) convention. I'm told that this should be the convention to end all conventions. We'll see about that. But, what I will say is, the Denver people (I'm calling them Denver'inians- just because I can!) are very friendly, and seem to genuinely like each other. Their downtown area reminds me of St. Louis- not super imposing, but very nice buildings. There's a strip that looks like the new Louisville downtown. Bars, shops and lots of neon lights. They've also converted old warehouses into bars and businesses. Where I'm staying is just wide open space, with buildings randomly scattered. I don't get a grid-like feeling from the layout, but it's so open, you feel open.
Also, I'll never complain about my hometown's public transportation again. Here, it was $1.75 to take a bus to the train (they call it the Light Rail), which then costs $3.75 to get downtown. There are transfers you can get to lower the cost a bit, but Geez!

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