Friday, August 29, 2008

It's Sarah Palin?!

John McCain threw me for a loop today with his Veep choice, but this could prove to be the best decision he's made so far. This woman- if she can withstand whatever ethics issues she faces in her home state of Alaska- may pull a lot of female votes for the Republicans come November. Actually, Obama made it crystal clear last night that character won't be argued during this election, so maybe she will get a pass on the investigation (I'm not so sure that Biden will let it slide).

I always wished in the back of my mind that Obama would choose Hillary Clinton. In the primary, she got the votes that he so desperately needs. In my heart, I knew it wouldn't happen. It couldn't happen because it's too radical a choice. If her voters didn't come over the way he needed them to, he would still lose whatever Republican and Independent votes he could get without her being on the ticket.

You see, what I respect about politics is that if you search long enough, every move has an appropriate counter-move. McCain is unpopular with women and young voters, so he picks a candidate who fits the bill on both accounts. Obama has only a few years under his belt in the Senate, so he picks a Washington veteran. The strategy is sometimes subtle, sometimes obvious, but a good player always rises to the occasion.

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