Monday, August 25, 2008

Mile-High.. Inch Deep?!

That's what Sen. McCain's campaign members have posted here in Denver! They are on the prowl at the DNC convention. Just when the Dems thought they might have a little down time. Right!

I attended two major parties yesterday, and just engaging in my favorite pasttime -people watching- is amazing. Just keep your eyes opened and your mouth shut, and you'll learn more than you ever dreamed! I don't know.. This world of politics- it's a mine field! Everything you say, everything you do is scrutinized. And, I know that is the understatement of the year, but take a look at the today, and you know how serious this can be. Especially if you happen to be connected to another candidate's campaign. This game is merciless! Before you even think of trying to play it, ask yourself one question: "Do I really have what it takes?" If there is is the slightest hesitation with your answer, do yourself a favor and choose a nice quiet life.

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